Published: 8th Nov 2019

John McDonnell has promised to break up parts of Whitehall with ‘decisions made transparently and democratically in each region’ if Labour wins the December General Election. Speaking yesterday (November 7) in Liverpool, the shadow chancellor said promised an ‘irreversible shift in the balance of power’ with a ‘powerful section of the Treasury’ be based in the north of England. Mr McDonnell said a future Labour government would establish a £150bn in a new Social Transformation Fund, which would replace, upgrade and expand schools, hospitals, care homes and council houses. He added that the National Transformation Fund will include a Local Transformation Fund in each of England’s regions. The shadow chancellor said the Local Transformation Fund money will be ringfenced for infrastructure projects decided and developed at a local level. ‘With decisions made transparently and democratically in each region about how their fund is allocated,’ he added. ‘And regional offices of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)