Published: 22nd Jan 2009

I’m still recovering from a hectic day travelling up the A1 with the Eventus team to deliver a creative consultation event on accommodation for homeless young people for Broadacres Housing Association. The boxes are being unpacked; we have the easy job of putting resources back on shelves; and the exhilarating but terrifying job of making sense of everything we collected, listened to, filmed, observed and felt, then turning it into a format that Broadacres can act on. The images are strong. One teenage resident supplied Meatloaf’s ‘You take the words right out of my mouth’ as the soundtrack of her life before the event because ‘people talk over me all the time’. She went on to be filmed making perceptive, articulate comments about improvements to the service. And the staff, nervous at first but getting stuck in, were touched by how highly the residents valued them, and over half said … (To read the full article, subscribe below)