From April, employers can transfer up to 10% of their apprencticeship levy pot to smaller firms. It’s time for economic development professionals to take advantage says Iain McKinnon    It may not be as stark as Brexiteers v Remainers, but I worry that the economic development profession is falling too readily into two camps: those who are getting stuck into the detail of how apprenticeships work and those who are standing back, sure it’s nothing to do with them. This article is for the second group: you’re missing out. What I would particularly like to draw your attention to is the new provision which will allow levy-paying employers in England, for the first time from April, to pass on up to 10% of their levy pot. The idea came from companies like Jaguar Land Rover, already deeply committed to apprenticeships and keen to do what they can to help smaller … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Iain Mackinnon is a fellow of the Institute of Economic Development, secretary to the Maritime Skills Alliance and managing director of The Mackinnon Partnership