Published: 31st Mar 2020

Large parts of suburbs in England and Wales have had no new homes built in the last decade, according to a report published by think tank Centre for Cities.  According to the report, over a fifth of city neighbourhoods in the UK have had no new houses built since 2011, with just 4% of suburban neighbourhoods supplying 45% of all new homes. Milton Keynes has had the highest number of new homes built, with 11% of neighbourhoods in Milton Keynes adding more than 25 homes every year since 2011. In contrast, no homes were built at this rate in the suburbs of Oxford or Luton, both of which are expensive places to live with below-average housing growth. According to the report, to solve the housing crisis, existing suburbs must build more homes. If every neighbourhood built at least four new homes a year since 2011, there would be 446,000 new … (To read the full article, subscribe below)