Published: 25th Mar 2011

The Sorites paradox is thus: in removing individual crystals, at what point is a mound of salt no longer a mound? The paradox talks in increments. The issue is about scale and structure. The interesting thing about mounds are actually the void spaces between crystals. They enable different configurations of crystals to find some stability. Structure emerges. Without these spaces, the mound wouldn’t work: the thing you don’t see couldn’t hold the structure together. This is about purpose and meaning. What is the purpose of places? For some, the purpose of places is all about an economic story of growth. This is something you can see. Places with purpose support growth. Coincidentally, they are often places of scale. The increments that make up these structures are people, buildings, neighbourhoods, money. The more you add, the bigger it gets, the better the structure. Right? I was at an excellent conference recently … (To read the full article, subscribe below)