Published: 9th Jun 2020

Councils in London have warned there can be ‘no return to business as usual’ on homelessness after the coronavirus pandemic. The London Councils group said boroughs are spending an extra £50 million on homelessness and rough sleeping due to Covid-19, which is not sustainable. With emergency accommodation secured for almost 5,000 rough sleepers since the start of the pandemic, the cross-party group believes there is now ‘a golden opportunity’ to end rough sleeping altogether. However, London Councils has highlighted the need for sustained support for tackling homelessness. Despite emergency investment from the government, boroughs are increasingly worried about the funding available for rough sleeper support. London Councils has long warned that these costs are unsustainable – with around £200 million of the boroughs’ £919 million annual expenditure on homelessness and rough sleeping in 2017/18 not covered by government grants or councils’ housing income. ‘There can be no return to business … (To read the full article, subscribe below)