Published: 10th Dec 2018

The policy of localism makes it more difficult for councils to implement effective climate change policies, according to research from Nottingham Business School. Public policy and management expert, Dr Peter Eckersley, compared two councils – Newcastle upon Tyne and Gelsenkirchen in Germany – and studied how their ability to tackle climate change was influenced by the support they received from their central government. He says the findings suggest that the more support a council receives from central or state government, the more it can operate independently within its local area and propose ambitious policies. Dr Eckersley said: ‘Both cities are struggling financially due to a major cut in central government funding and a collapse in revenue from business taxes respectively, but have embraced sustainability to try and soften the blow of deindustrialisation and attract external investment. ‘Interestingly, however, their contrasting relationships with higher levels of government means that they have … (To read the full article, subscribe below)