Published: 31st Jul 2019

Liverpool City Council has submitted a bid to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a £230m ‘Green City Deal’ that could see 6,000 energy-efficient homes either built or retrofitted in the city. The bid also includes a raft of other proposals aimed at making the city carbon neutral whilst delivering jobs, clean air, improved health and ‘smarter’ travel. The council estimates the plan would give Liverpool a £5bn economic boost over five years – and includes the establishment of a Liverpool Mutual Bank to help people on to the housing ladder and support SMEs, particularly those in the green sector, start-up or expand. 3,000 new energy-efficient homes are proposed as well as a further 3,000 existing homes that will be retrofitted to modern low carbon standards. The council also plans to offer a range of financial incentives for homeowners such as discounted ‘green’ mortgages, and potential council tax discounts for … (To read the full article, subscribe below)