Published: 6th Dec 2018

Liverpool City Council has launched their ‘ethical’ housing company, Foundations, which will deliver £1bn worth of development over the next decade. The company also announced they will be setting up a Rent to Buy scheme to support their goal of adding 10,000 homes to the city by 2029. The scheme enables people to pay a reduced rent on Foundations properties so they can save enough money for a deposit to buy the home. The company is the brainchild of Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson, who wants to use Foundations to improve the city’s housing, ‘revolutionise’ the Rent to Buy sector, drive up council tax receipts for the council and stimulate local growth in the construction sector. Foundations and the council are working on the detail of how the Rent to Buy scheme would operate and who would be eligible to participate. They expect to officially launch the scheme next year. Liverpool … (To read the full article, subscribe below)