Published: 4th Dec 2018

Only 11% of councils have used powers that were introduced in April 2017 to fine landlords for failing to provide adequate housing. These are the findings from the Residential Landlord’s Association (RLA), who submitted Freedom of Information requests to every local authority, with 290 responding. Half reported that they did not even have a policy in place to use them. The RLA also reviewed Selective Licensing schemes across 32 Local Authorities against complaint and enforcement data, which they believe shows that there was no significant difference in the standards of housing before or after the introduction of the scheme. They argue that these schemes are ‘to the detriment of good landlords and tenants,’ and local authorities need to engage in ‘targeted enforcement against the criminals that provide unsafe housing.’ In October, NewStart spoke to Gavin Dick of the National Landlord’s Association who said many councils who have already introduced licensing are not … (To read the full article, subscribe below)