Published: 29th Jul 2020

Government plans to ‘level up’ the economy could create a ‘legacy of white elephants’ unless local communities have a say, a group of MPs have warned. A report by the public affairs and constitutional affairs select committee said if the government is serious about its levelling up agenda, it should consider how it takes into account local needs when determining infrastructure projects. The report adds that it is clear ‘that locally-led infrastructure investment can – in some instances —respond better to local needs and contexts’. But the report warns there are concerns about local capability and short-term funding mechanisms. At present, it says the overall aims of ministerial plans for a significant boost in infrastructure spending ‘remain ill-defined’. It adds the Government must clarify what it means by ‘levelling up’ and set out a coherent plan for co-ordinated infrastructure investment that will deliver defined long-term benefits at a local and national level. And it says greater … (To read the full article, subscribe below)