Published: 8th Apr 2021

Levelling up basic skills could boost employment by up to 302,000 in the most deprived areas and 573,000 across the whole of England, according to a new report. The report by Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) calls on the government to address skills inequality in the UK to help solve the employment crisis and to deliver on levelling up. In some parts of England, the report says the proportion of people without any formal qualifications is as low as one in 40, while in others it is more than one in five. If the share of the local working age population without any formal qualifications were reduced in every area to the rate seen in the top 10% of local authorities, CPP estimates employment in England would be up to 573,000 higher. The analysis suggests this employment cost is concentrated in the most deprived fifth of local authorities, where tackling basic skills inequality … (To read the full article, subscribe below)