Published: 22nd Jul 2019

The government’s approach to recycling is ‘overly prescriptive’ and local authorities must be allowed to tailor recycling strategies to the needs of their communities, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has said. In a letter to Local Government minister Rishis Sunak, the Committee criticises the current ‘wrong’ approach, set out in the Waste Strategy, and urges greater flexibility on collections. It adds that the Waste Strategy cannot place ‘extra burdens’ on local authorities without also providing the financial means to support them, warning that initial investment in infrastructure to boost recycling capacity will need to be followed by proven long-term streams of funding to cover ongoing costs. The Committee has set out the following recommendations for government: It must allow local authorities greater flexibility in how recycling targets are met. Local authorities should retain as much flexibility as possible to determine the most effective waste collection strategies for their … (To read the full article, subscribe below)