The Rural Urban Synthesis Society (Russ) is a community land trust in south London, about to embark on its first housing scheme. Founder Kareem Dayes tells the story I grew up in Walters Way, a small estate in Lewisham, south London, designed by innovative architect Walter Segal. It was a council-run self-build project built in the 1980s. My parents, who at the time lived on a council estate, and had no building experience, were given the opportunity to build their own home as part of the scheme. It took them 18 months, working evenings and weekends, and they created a home that was adaptable and perfect for the needs of our family. From a very young age I was aware that it was possible to build your own home, to create your own housing, even if you are not skilled or wealthy. As a young musician I found that the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Kareem Dayes is founder of the Rural Urban Synthesis Society in south London