Published: 7th Nov 2019

Leeds City Council has named the ambassadors who will take responsibility for one of the 12 ‘big ideas’ that form the basis of the Leeds Inclusive Growth strategy. Launched in 2018, the strategy sets out how Leeds City Council, the private sector, universities, colleges and schools, the third sector and social enterprises in the city will work together to grow the Leeds economy ensuring that everyone in the city, is able to contribute to and benefit from its growth. The Inclusive Growth ambassadors will have an influence over, and be key drivers of the strategy for the city and will work with the council and other partners to bring forward successes. This week the group met for the first time. Nigel Foster, a founder and director of Fore Consulting will work with the lead ambassadors in each of the three areas to help to develop and promote the city’s plans … (To read the full article, subscribe below)