Published: 15th Oct 2018

Tony Armstrong is the chief executive of Locality, a charity that supports community organisations across the UK. He spoke to NewStart about how to make a financial success of community projects, the state of localism, and ‘the end of austerity.’ What is Locality working on at the moment? In June we launched a Save Our Spaces campaign based around Freedom of Information requests where we asked every local authority what their figures were around land and buildings. We found that over 4000 physical assets are being sold off by councils every year and many of these have a community use. We wanted to highlight there’s a massive sell-off going on, and lots of councils aren’t prioritising community ownership models to keep some of the really important assets in local hands. Lots are selling them off to private developers, and many don’t have information on who they are selling them off to. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)