Published: 3rd Sep 2018

Peter Taylor was elected as Mayor of Watford in May 2018, representing the Lib Dems. He spoke to NewStart about regeneration in Watford, how to persuade developers to include more affordable housing, and the 2016 allotments controversy. What’s top of the agenda in Watford? The main one for residents is to do with the high street and the extension of our shopping centre, Intu. It will bring into the town centre a cinema, bowling alley and more shops and restaurants. It’s a time when high streets are really struggling so I think it’s really important you have that leisure offer for people coming into town centres. To coincide with Intu we’ve been doing work to improve the high street. It’s now a better environment for people visiting the town centre. How has Watford coped with the fall of several high street chains? We’ve been very proactive in encouraging people to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)