Published: 18th Sep 2018

Yorkshire Housing is a housing association who own and manage around 18,000 properties across Yorkshire. NewStart spoke to their chief executive, Mervyn Jones, about how to rebalance the housing market, the ‘slow-motion car crash’ of Universal Credit and why he’s still optimistic for the future of social housing. How does Yorkshire Housing obtain land? We largely operate by buying land from the private sector. Like many other developing associations, we’re stepping up these programmes and buying bigger parcels of land to sell more housing, which we use to cross-subsidise housing for rent. That’s the business model for most mainstream housing associations now. Like a lot of developers, housing associations get really fed up with the pace of planning. Local Authorities are strapped for cash, so you might be talking to a planner who only works two or three days a week, has a massive workload, and hasn’t got the time … (To read the full article, subscribe below)