Published: 27th Nov 2018

Lee Sugden is the chief executive of Salford-based housing association Salix Homes. He spoke to NewStart about the social housing ‘stigma’, how technology can be used to support elderly residents and whether he agrees that housing associations are too focused on being developers. Salford Council recently approved your plans to build 108 affordable homes. The council has faced criticism in recent years for the lack of affordable housing they’ve approved. Why hasn’t there been more? Salford is growing at a tremendously fast pace, linked to MediaCity at Salford Quays and our boundary with Manchester city centre. Unfortunately, much of that housing is private rented and very little is for affordable rent. So this scheme is important to Salford because it’s 108 apartments that will be genuinely affordable. It adds an important mix to Salford’s housing economy right in the middle of the growth bubble. In Salford, land is at a real premium. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)