Published: 1st Sep 2017

Kier is sending staff back to school to encourage pupils to think about a career in the construction industry. A new report published by the company today (1 September) warns the sector has a ‘fundamental image problem’ and many pupils and parents do not appreciate the job opportunities it can offer. According to a survey carried out for the report, almost three quarters (74%) of parents believe careers advice in schools is too focused on academia. And more than two thirds (68%) of parents believe that children do not receive enough careers advice at school. But the report adds the construction industry needs to take on 400,000 new recruits a year to keep pace with the UK’s growing housing and infrastructure demand. A survey of teachers, also carried out for the report, found 90% of teachers across the UK are unaware of the scale of the recruitment shortfall in the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)