Published: 28th Feb 2019

Nestled down an arcade on Leeds’ busy Briggate is EcoTopia, a zero-waste store opened in October to capitalise on the growing awareness of what damage plastic is doing to the environment. The shop is owned by twin sisters, Michelle Arthur and Samantha Newton, and sells everything from dishwasher tablets to cat litter to cocoa powder. Just bring in your own container, weigh how much you want and pay for it. It’s a refreshing DIY ethos that has been central to why EcoTopia exists in the first place. ‘Instead of waiting for someone else to open a zero-waste shop in Leeds, my sister said to me “Let’s do it!” remembers Michelle, who said she stayed up for two nights, going through the aisles of Tesco in her mind, thinking of what plastic-free items they could stock. It’s not just the people of Leeds they are serving either, the two mums are thinking … (To read the full article, subscribe below)