Published: 6th Nov 2009

If someone in the New Start team is bored they can do a check, but I’ll bet them a pint that at no point in the last 10+ years has the magazine covered the activities of the Glass and Glazing Federation.  Until now!  The chief executive of the GGF, Nigel Rees, has started a petition on the Number 10 website, encouraging the government to set up a window scrappage scheme based on the successful ‘cash for bangers’ model.  £1,000 towards new windows which meet environmental criteria.  It’s here if you want to add your support: How’s this relevant to regeneration?  Easy.  Unlike most of the new cars bought through the scrappage scheme, a window scrappage scheme will unquestionably mean work for Brits.  New windows will need to be installed, and new windows will need to be made.  Moreover, while much of that work will obviously go to people already … (To read the full article, subscribe below)