Published: 30th Aug 2018

Over 150,000 prefabricated homes were built across the country during the post-war period, and a new book published by Historic England explores their history in the UK. Prefabs also includes interviews with the people that lived in them and looks into their various designs and functions. NewStart spoke to the book’s authors,  Elisabeth Blanchet and Sonia Zhuravlyova, about why tenants liked them so much and what role modular housing has to play in the current housing crisis. Why did so many of the prefabs last longer than predicted? EB: Because residents really loved them and often petitioned councils to have the homes clad to make them warmer, this is what happened in Catford, Redditch and Ipswich. This made the prefabs more sturdy and made them a little more permanent. Why did tenants like them so much? EB: Many of the prefab residents had arrived from overcrowded homes that they had … (To read the full article, subscribe below)