Published: 20th Jun 2018

Empty Homes is a charity that was established in 1992 to try to ensure that empty homes in England are brought back into use for those in housing need. Thomas Barrett went to London to meet their regeneration campaign manager, Chris Bailey, where they discussed why the amount of empty homes in England is rising, and how councils can better incentivise landlords who leave their homes empty. Describe the work that Empty Homes does? We work with community-based organisations such as social enterprises, community land trusts and charities, often in partnership with local authorities, to bring empty homes back into use. It’s taking undervalued property and turning it into an asset for its neighbourhood and solution for local problems. The amount of empty homes has gone up to 205,293. Last year it went up 2.6% a year which was the first rise in a decade and that’s significant. However, it … (To read the full article, subscribe below)