Published: 2nd Jul 2019

Richard Brown is research director at the think tank Centre for London. Last month, NewStart went to meet him in London to discuss their recent report, Made for London: Realising the potential of Modern Methods of Construction, which looks at what needs to be done to accelerate the sluggish uptake of modular housing in the capital. Do you favour one particular type of modular construction? We’ve not jumped into that. At the moment there’s a battle of formats going on like VHS and Betamax. Something will win out. Some of the more interesting stuff is the environmental improvements like using cross-laminated timber which is a lot more renewable and less carbon intensive than concrete. That’s interesting and gives some modular housing a nice feel. You want to have a breakthrough model but with a bit of competition. That will work well for the market. It is going to change but construction … (To read the full article, subscribe below)