Published: 26th Jul 2012

It’s truly amazing the amount of quality material and insights from many sources which I come across daily, local to international.  The upside is that these pertinent titbits are deserving of distribution into the right hands, with the assumption that they represent ‘best thinking’ on a particular issue or topic. The downside is that I know that this is wishful thinking, as I do not see that we yet have a way to assure for this practice, working with colleagues who are on the same page. Can we tackle this one? There’s the Campbell Collaborative, an economics methods group, which could serve as guide to expand upon our practice in community economic development, led by our peer group. There’s Boston, MA’s Community Indicators benchmarking system, a prime example of a useful planning and implementation document, alive with viable possibilities beyond the minimum effort. There’s the Rowntree Foundation, ‘inspiring social change’, and Manchester’s ‘creative class’ innovations. There’s the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)