Published: 18th Dec 2014

For more than ten years now, Surf and the Scottish government have worked in partnership to identify, celebrate and share the most innovative and effective regeneration projects in Scotland through an annual awards scheme. The Surf awards for best practice in community regeneration provide encouragement, inspiration and practical lessons for everyone working or volunteering towards the mitigation of considerable social and economic challenges in Scotland’s deprived areas – activities that often go unrecognised. Applications to the Surf awards from all over Scotland are assessed by an independent panel of experts drawn from Surf’s network of national regeneration bodies and community groups. This year, our judges included senior representatives of, among others, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Scottish Community Development Centre, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, and the Scottish government – as well as its dedicated agencies for enterprise, skills, and urban design. The judging panel is tasked with assessing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)