Photo by poptech The consultation phase of the industrial strategy green paper closed in the middle of April and we have heard very little since. Of course, no sooner did the consultation close than a general election campaign was called and parliament was dissolved. Since then there has been less clarity on everything, but the suggestion is that further news will emerge in November. Many organisations, the Institute of Economic Development (IED) included, have published their responses to the industrial strategy green paper and this week the Industrial Strategy Commission released its ‘Laying the Foundations’ report. As the title suggests, it takes a step back and sets out an answer to the question which was not really asked in the green paper consultation: what is an industrial strategy? The commission argues that an ‘industrial strategy refers to the strategic, long-term co-ordination of all interactions between … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Nigel Wilcock is executive director of the Institute of Economic Development (IED)