Published: 18th Apr 2017

To create an inclusive economy we need to challenge trickle-down innovation and democratise the tools needed to create prosperity, says Indy Johar Inclusive growth feels like an easy set of words; a comforting blanket in an age of anxiety, almost a childhood fairy tale told to calm nightmares. But manifesting inclusive growth requires the systematic transformation of an increasingly power law economy – in which the few take all. It means attacking the 20th century Holy Grail illusion of meritocracy, which has consumed our rational mind to pamper our ego and ignore our invisible privileges. It’s the hidden fact under the black swan hero’s tale. Systemic transformation requires us to unlock a new model of growth and democratic wealth and value creation, in times where austerity no longer merely applies to public services but equally to the palliative state of the current model of growth we see around the world. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)