Published: 8th May 2013

Highland cows in Graves Park in Sheffield. Photo: Vanessa Chettleburgh/Flikr The philanthropists of the past invested in the shared assets and common wealth of a city. A Local Endowment Fund for people-centred approaches to regeneration could do the same in the 21st century, says Julian Dobson. It’s hard to spend any time in Sheffield without running into the legacy of Alderman John George Graves. At the central library there’s the Graves Art Gallery. Ecclesall Woods, the ancient woodland on the west side of town, was donated to the city by Alderman Graves. Even Sheffield University’s student union owes its existence to a Graves donation. For many Sheffielders, though, the most familiar Graves legacy will be Graves Park, an 83-hectare expanse of woodland, hills and playing fields, famous for its Highland cattle and children’s playground. From the top of Graves Park there are fine views over the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)