Published: 30th Aug 2019

Once again, the onus is back on local authorities to build social housing. Former director of housing Ken Jones looks at the obstacles that councils will have to overcome to make a success of it. Here’s a prediction, over the next few months a government minister at MHCLG will criticise councils for not getting on with building enough new homes. She or he will say, ‘we gave councils what they wanted, we removed the borrowing caps from their Housing Revenue Accounts, why aren’t they building’. The background is likely to be a turndown in housing starts across all sectors; pointing a finger at recalcitrant town and city halls will be a handy piece of deflection. In fact, there are signs that councils are gearing up. From my experience, I see that there is real ambition on their part to build truly affordable homes for local people. But house building at … (To read the full article, subscribe below)