Published: 28th Jun 2019

Nigel Wilcock from the Institute of Economic Development discusses how can we ensure our economy is more regionally balanced when up against the combined challenges of Brexit and austerity. Last week’s announcement that the cross-party Treasury Select Committee has launched a new inquiry into regional imbalances in the UK economy is a welcome development – and one that the IED will be contributing evidence too. The Committee is examining the nature of regional imbalances in economic growth which currently exist in the UK; and also establishing what regional data is currently available here, how it could be used more effectively in policy development, and whether there should be official regional economic forecasts produced. Whilst a joined-up approach to this issue is needed, there is certainly no shortage of evidence out there around the disparities and differences that exists between different areas – north and south, towns and cities, and urban … (To read the full article, subscribe below)