Published: 6th Jun 2013

The Crown Estate is responsible for the management of much of the UK’s coastline. In recent years it has taken steps to allow the local community to play a more active role through the introduction of local management agreements. The responsibility of managing the seabed, and much of the foreshore, around the UK lies with The Crown Estate. It issues licences or leases for aquaculture sites (which provide more than 6,000 jobs in Scotland alone) and sites for moorings, marinas and coastal development projects. It also owns three marinas. The Crown Estate provides active support, including capital, to help the established businesses that currently operate across the portfolio. The Crown Estate is also one of the country’s largest rural landowners, managing around 144,000 hectares of agricultural land and forests, together with minerals and residential and commercial property. Increasingly, The Crown Estate has worked to not only be good stewards of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)