Published: 23rd Sep 2013

Can innovation be taught within a council? At Monmouthshire Council’s Intrapreneurship School, they’re giving it a go, as John McConnachie, the authority’s training lead, explains. Like other local authorities, we are under pressure. Pressure to do things better, make huge financial savings and stay true to the needs of our communities. We know we can’t budget ourselves out of the problems we face. What we can do is tap into our other resources, the most valuable one being our people. Through Nesta’s Creative Councils programme, we had an opportunity to look at the major challenges we’re facing and think differently about how we can best address them. We decided the best place to start was on the inside. We developed the Intrapreneurship School – an internal training programme – to expose our staff to innovation and creativity and help them use their new skills to address the challenges we are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)