Published: 20th Apr 2018

The increasing popularity of payment by results commissioning has been examined in a new report. Social and Sustainable Capital’s (SASC) 2018 Impact Report contains a number of lessons learnt from its investment portfolio of charities and social enterprises, including using payment by results, as opposed to commissioning a service for a flat fee. According to the report, SASC believes payment by results or outcomes can play a ’valuable role in social investment’ and help to define ‘what successful service delivery should mean for an individual’. The report highlights the work done with the charity, Family Action who had developed a new way of working with highly vulnerable young people in care, called the Safe Haven project. The Safe Haven project was designed to offer one-to-one and round the clock support to a group of vulnerable young people in care. ‘Given Family Action’s finite resources of its own, the charity believed … (To read the full article, subscribe below)