Published: 25th Feb 2019

Greg Campbell of multidisciplinary management consultancy Campbell Tickell discusses how councils, housing associations and charities can adapt to what is already proving to be a turbulent 2019. Political narrative In 2016, the narrative was about ‘rejection of established elites’. That manifested itself most starkly in the Brexit referendum, in Trump’s election in the USA, and in other developments elsewhere: Rodrigo Duterte taking power in the Philippines, and the rise of parties like Syriza in Greece, Italy’s Five Star Movement, Podemos in Spain, and Austria’s Freedom Party. In 2017, while a similar sense remained, the focus morphed into ‘Nationalism’, with leaders invoking ‘patriotism’ in defence of their mother/fatherlands: Trump again, Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping in China, Sisi in Egypt, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, the AfD party in Germany. Last year, the trend morphed again, into ‘Nostalgia’, as characterised by The Economist. The sense is that things used to be better – … (To read the full article, subscribe below)