Published: 13th Mar 2013

How much of the regeneration money that has been poured into east London is being shared with its existing population? How can its gentrification benefit all? These are questions that were asked almost thirty years ago as the glittering towers of Canary Wharf were being erected. And they are being asked again today as east London assesses the impact of regeneration on the area and attempts to shore up an Olympic legacy. New Start’s East London: Ten Years of Change event, which took place at Community Links on 4th March, attempted to answer these questions. As Labour MP of Bethnal Green and Bow Rushanara Ali pointed out, only a small percentage of her constituents now work in Canary Wharf and its towers have become symbols of growing inequality. How can we avoid the mistakes of the past and ensure that the current wave of regeneration is more equitable? Recent census … (To read the full article, subscribe below)