Published: 19th Nov 2019

The estimated number of housing fraud cases in the UK has fallen by almost a quarter in the last year, according to new figures from financial experts. The 2019 CIPFA Fraud and Corruption Tracker (CFaCT) report reveals that local authorities identified and/or prevented 3,632 instances of housing fraud in 2018/19. The new figures represent a 23% drop from the previous year (2017/18), when there was a total of 4,733 estimated housing fraud cases. According to the new figures, there were 652 estimated cases of fraud last year involving the Right to Buy scheme, 826 which involved illegal subletting and the remaining 2,154 involved other forms of fraud. The report adds there has been a ‘steady downward trend’ in the number of housing and tenancy-related frauds over the last few years. ‘This trend likely indicates successful efforts by local authorities to tackle housing fraud and remove illegally-sublet properties from the system,’ the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)