Published: 11th Jan 2019

Buckinghamshire County Council has agreed to controversial changes in its household recycling centre service including charging for the disposal of ‘non-household’ waste. The changes, made following a public consultation, analysis and survey information, will see three of the council’s recycling centres reduce opening hours from seven to five days a week with another centre set to be permanently closed. The council said that while it recognised the changes may inconvenience residents, the closures are ‘unfortunately necessary’ to allow the council to make vital cost savings to its budget. Bill Chapple, cabinet member for Planning & Environment, said: ‘The changes we are making to the household recycling centre service have been very carefully considered so that they make as little disruption as possible to residents across the county as a whole. ‘However, I do accept that some of the changes, especially permanent closure of a site, will have an impact on … (To read the full article, subscribe below)