Published: 26th Aug 2016

Commercial collaboration is the way forward for the future of our high streets, says Adrian Ulisse, founder of Better Cities High streets and town centres are important, both economically and also as centres of social cohesion and inclusion. However, their future health continues to be threatened by the growth of online shopping and out-of-town centres.  High streets need to remain relevant and competitive by improving the ‘consumer experience’, and Better Cities believes this can be achieved through collaboration and by using digital technology. Online retailers and out-of-town shopping centres already collaborate commercially using data and technology to offer ever better consumer experiences. This is not yet happening in the high street. To make positive changes, a high street has to act as one.  All the key players involved need to work together, and will only do so if they can get some value out of participation. We have developed an … (To read the full article, subscribe below)