Published: 21st Jul 2020

Half of all councils in England do not have suitable policies in place to meet the housing needs of an ageing population, according to new research. The research by law firm Irwin Mitchell found that less than one in five (18.6%) of councils in England have a clear planning policy for housing for seniors. The law firm carried out a similar survey in 2017, which ranked local authorities between ‘A’ and ‘D’. In 2017, 62% received a ‘D’ ranking, meaning the local authority did not have any specific planning policies in place for senior housing. A repeat of the survey in 2020 found that 161 (50%) are still in the ‘D’ category. While this represents a small improvement, the number of councils not planning for an ageing population remains significant, according to Irwin Mitchell. Many major cities are a “D” rating- including Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Leicester, Oxford, Sheffield and Southampton. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)