Published: 6th Nov 2019

Hackney Council will be the latest local authority to set up its own energy company. Called Hackney Light and Power, the company will be run and managed by the local authority and will play a key role in delivering the council’s decarbonisation targets set out in the climate emergency motion which was passed during the summer. The company will launch in spring 2020 when more details about the company’s large-scale rooftop solar project will be revealed. Energy generated by the borough will provide clean, local electrical power, reducing the carbon intensity of the grid and generating revenue for reinvestment in decarbonisation and public amenities for the benefit of all Hackney residents. The company will also work to improve the sustainability of Hackney’s energy system by reducing energy demand while addressing fuel poverty through a new, borough-wide home insulation programme. Hackney Light and Power will also oversee the rapid expansion of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)