Published: 30th Mar 2009

From my high-rise window, there are three blots on the landscape which have spread over the last few months and blighted my view across Hackney, east London. It’s usually quite pleasant, I can trace the crow’s path from nearby Dalston steeples across the green fuzz of Victoria Park to Canary Wharf’s bravado. But the concrete Barratt’s and Transport for London developments around the new East London Line extension, part of Hackney Council’s grand regeneration, are grey and blocky and ugly. And, unsurprisingly right now, taking painfully long to get going. Not only that – because moaning about my own view would be selfish – they’ve razed Georgian houses, local businesses, the scrubby grubby lovely heart of Kingsland Road for what I’m fearing may be just another insert of luxury one and two bed apartments. So hearing writer and ‘psychogeographer’ Iain Sinclair with writer and filmmaker Patrick Wright speak last week … (To read the full article, subscribe below)