Published: 2nd Aug 2019

Environmental charity Hubbub has released a guide to help communities tackle the ‘onslaught’ of litter in local forests and woodlands. The guide includes a range of interactive ideas, tips and inspiration for any local authority, school, community group, forest association to make a positive impact on rural rubbish. Some of the ideas to inspire action include turning an old van into a ‘trashconverter’ to tour local areas and collect rubbish and creating ‘litter creatures’ to highlight how rubbish impacts on wildlife. The guide follows a campaign the charity helped with throughout 2016 to tackle littering at the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Every year 250 tonnes of rubbish was being removed from the area, costing local tax-payers more than £430,000. Hubbub worked with community groups in the area to raise awareness and motivate people to take their litter home after enjoying time in the forest. Since then, over 800 bags of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)