Published: 15th Dec 2011

Confucius said that ‘Money is round and it rolls away’.  Well over the last year, it has certainly rolled away from many of places.  No growth, stalled development, job losses, growing inequality and failing town centres are a feature of our local economies. Throughout the year, local policy action to address this woeful state of affairs, have been hitched firmly to a return to economic growth.  Initially, the government was quick (hasty?) – getting rid of economic development agencies like the RDA’s, programmes of support like the Future Jobs Fund and Grants to Business investment, and apparently rejecting the notion of significant stimulus, and an interventionist ‘regeneration’.  The government gave the impression that it was merely returning to the mantras of the 80’s, and all you needed for economic growth was for government and the public sector to ‘get out of the way’, reducing planning regulations and tax breaks through … (To read the full article, subscribe below)