Published: 2nd Nov 2011 has revealed that millions are now rationing heat and power. As another harsh winter looms, fuel poverty is spiralling to record levels. The government should reaffirm its commitment to ending fuel poverty. Yet the last two weeks have seen a series of indications that they are moving in the opposite direction. The Hills Report instead proposes to narrow the definition of fuel poverty. This will mean that millions will be taken out of the official definition and won’t qualify for any assistance. In our recent report Solving Fuel Poverty: Opportunities for Green Deal and Localisation, we at Localise West Midlands argue that Green Deal will be of limited use to the fuel poor unless urgent action is taken to address two key challenges. The first challenge is the way homes are assessed for Green Deal measures. Current methodology for assessing a home for an Energy Performance Certificate is based … (To read the full article, subscribe below)