Published: 9th Dec 2011

If ever there was a time to bother with a public consultation, now is that time. After a very mild autumn, winter is starting to bite and the government is seeking views on the Green Deal – which aims to ensure all of us take responsibility for insulating our homes and adopt measures to reduce our energy use. According to figures published in July, 24% of UK households are in fuel poverty – ie spending more than 10% of the household income on heating. With gas prices up a staggering 15.4% and electricity prices up by 4.5% (and only fixed until April 2012, when there’s every chance they’ll rise again), it’s highly likely that even more households are actually in fuel poverty. That’s around 6.5 million households. Can we commit to making 2012 the last year that so many of our neighbours, friends and colleagues will have to shiver their … (To read the full article, subscribe below)