Published: 8th Jun 2011

If the green deal is to be a success, investment in energy efficiency must be coupled with resident education. It’s all about changing our behaviour, explains Steve Malone Steve Waterworth, energy hub manager, leads a tour of Salford University’s ‘energy house’, Number One Joule Terrace. The full-size terraced house, which sits inside a laboratory, was built to monitor domestic energy consumption within older housing stock and act as a test bed for new materials, behavioural studies and innovation linked to sustainability. The Department for Energy and Climate Change is about to go to consultation on one of the most controversial aspects of its energy bill – the green deal. The aim of this framework is to provide residents with a ‘loan’ to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes – money that will be recovered through fuel bill savings. With much still to be settled on … (To read the full article, subscribe below)