Published: 13th Apr 2018

The government has announced a new scheme for consumers and non-domestic users such as hospitals, schools and council buildings to participate in a heat networks scheme. The Heat Networks Investment Project is a government-backed fund that will invest £320m of capital funding in heat network projects through grants and loans. Heat networks work by converting hot water from steam at a waste incinerator before distributing it to homes along a network of district heating pipes. Sheffield and Nottingham have already seen the introduction of district heating networks, which see hot water circulating in a closed loop to homes, resulting in zero waste. Last month the ‘Leeds Pipes’ network was announced, which will heat around 2000 council homes across 31 tower blocks, with 24 of them being converted from electric heating systems to the new ‘wet heating’ method. Currently, 60% of homes in Denmark are heated through district networks, compared to just 2% … (To read the full article, subscribe below)