Published: 19th Mar 2019

The government’s industrial strategy has been criticised by MPs for failing to help people working in ‘neglected sectors’ like retail and hospitality. A report published today (19 March) by the cross-party business, energy and industrial strategy select committee said the government has not done enough to engage with some sectors, like steel, retail and hospitality and offer them a ‘sector deal’. The government has already signed a number of ‘sector deals’ to provide support and financial assistance, including one recently with the offshore wind industry. Instead the report calls on ministers to be ‘more transparent’ about the sectors with which it is willing to do a deal. ‘The government have not indicated whether the list of sectors seeking a deal is shrinking or growing, but the slow progress in achieving deals beyond the pioneer sectors, and the lack of clarity in what might be possible, is in the interests of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)